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GAALC Harmonium music training school academy in India conducts internet web based online Harmonium learning lessons on Skype and Google + Hangouts by Indian Harmonium training Instructors online. The affordable, low cost price Harmonium online class lessons for beginners offered by the best online Harmonium guru teachers in India to learn how to play Harmonium Indian Hindustani classical music instrument online are the top rated live, one - on - one, private Harmonium teaching lessons online.The free YouTube Harmonium training videos by Harmonium trainers in India to learn about beginner and advanced Harmonium playing techniques online on Skype and the online search to find Harmonium learning videos on Harmonium tuning techniques are available on 'GAALC MUSIC' YouTube channel.

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GAALC - Indian Music School - Online Harmonium Class Lessons

GAALC - the Global Academy of Arts, Languages and Culture, is one of the top rated international online performing arts learning school academy based at New Delhi in India offering online musical instruments training class lessons facilitated on Skype and Google Hangouts (Google Talk) as real time. one-on-one, interactive, live instrumental music learning class lessons online for the global music students. GAALC offers certificate level hobby learning courses of short term (24 months duration), regular term (36 months duration) and extended term (54 months duration) duration with modern curriculum guided online class lessons to learn performing arts - learning how to play musical instruments, voice training - vocal singing music lessons online and online dance lessons to learn dancing.

GAALC music school academy conducts online instrumental music learning lessons to learn playing Indian classical musical instrument Harmonium, Harmonium is an accordion like musical instrument, a popular key based musical instrument belonging to the family of free-reed aerophones and the online lessons for learning how to play Harmonium are offered as Harmonium beginner level lessons for beginners learning to play Harmonium online, Intermediate level Harmonium lessons and Advanced level Harmonium lessons online. The Harmonium learning course lessons curriculum - the Harmonium teaching syllabus is exclusively developed for providing an effective online Harmonium training to the kids, children, young adults, school / university / college students learning Harmonium as a hobby and equally providing professional level Harmonium training to the aspiring musicians learning to play Harmonium and Hindustani classical vocal singing to perform in public music concerts or musical shows as professional Harmonium expert players.The online Harmonium class lessons offered by GAALC are conducted by the senior, experienced and qualified Indian Harmonium Gurus, the famous Harmonium teachers as top online Harmonium trainers, the best trained Harmonium instrument players working as the online Harmonium instructors in the instrumental music faculty at GAALC music school academy in India. In north Indian Hinduastani classical music the Harmonium plays an important role of accompaniment musical instrument, espacially for the beginner level training in Hindustani classical vocal and Hindi light classical vocal singing - voice training for beginners.

ABOUT HARMONIUM: Harmonium is an accordion like instrument, a keyboard instrument similar to an organ, belonging to the family of free-reed aerophones. Invented in 1818 by Anton Haeckl and named Physharmonica instrument, the earliest form of modern Harmonium was later improved by Alexandre Debain as Harmonium in 1840 in Paris. Harmonium blows air through sets of free reeds, producing musical notes and sounds like an accordion. There are two types of Harmonium, foot pumped Harmonium and the hand pumped Harmonium. The foot-pumped Harmonium was developed first in which the Harmonium player pumps a foot pedal which operates a bellows that sends the air to the reeds and produces sound and both the hands are free to use the keyboard to make musical notes. A hand-pumped harmonium, developed later, has a hand bellows that blows the air to produce sound and only one hand is free to use the keyboard to make musical notes. In India, the hand pumped Harmonium is a popular musical instrument, Harmonium appeared in the beginning of 19th century and is used as an accompanying instruments in classical Hindustani music, Hindi light vocal, Sufi music, bhajan singing, musical renditions of the classics and in a variety of genres. The useful portability, easy to learn and handle makes Harmonium a popular instrument in north Indian Hindustani classical music and light classical music.

HARMONIUM - INDIAN HINDUSTANI CLASSICAL MUSIC INSTRUMENT (Bhartiya Shastriya Sangeet Vadya) : Harmonium musical instrument is a small, tabletop sized, organ having bellows at the back through which air is pumped into the enclosed space by using one hand (usually left hand) while the other hand (right hand) is used to play keyboard, pressing the keys to produce the desired musical notes. The air pumped into the enclosed space by means of hand pumping bellows produces sound. With thes inbuilt Harmonium keyboard it is possible to open specially well defined holes, through which the pumped air is then pressed. The Harmonium reeds attached to the openings (double reed / triple reed / quadruple reed) are thus set vibrating and so produce the desired musical notes on Harmonium.

MAKING OF HARMONIUM - Construction of Harmonium: Harmonium is a free-reed aerophones. Harmonium is a small tabletop organ like instrument made of wood (usually Pine wood or Teak wood), having bellows at the back which pumped air into an enclosed space. The bellows is pumped by left hand and other hand plays the keyboard. Pressing the keys produce desired notes. Harmonium has a wooden box known as body and a handle to move the instrument. The Bellows, keys, 4 - 11 stops (main and drone), double / triple / quadruple reeds (like a keyboard), coupler and scale changer is important parts of Harmonium. To reach 3 octave ranges, the modern Harmonium has 39 keys from lower note to higher note. With the usual four adjustable Harmonium drones (1 to 13 are possible), the double reeds Harmonium ensures that every tone is supplied with two reeds for medium and lower octave) and by blowing the Harmonium reeds either separately or together, three variations with different settings can be achieved.

Famous Indian Harmonium maestros, Harmonium players, Harmonium performers in India and Harmonium musicians: are Pt. P Madhukar, Pt. Manohar Chimote, Padma bhushan Jnan Prakash, Dr. Arawind Thatte, Pt. Tulsidas Borkar, Dr. Sudhanshu Kulkarni, Pt. R K Bijapure, Pandit Montu Banerjee, Dr. Ravindra Katoti, Pandit Tulsidas Borkar, Pt. Maharaj Banerjee, Vyasmurthy Katti, Pandit Muneshwar Dayal and Ajay Joglekar.

The unmatched advantages of the online Harmonium learning lessons offered by GAALC music school India is.:

  • Live, one-on-one, real time, interactive online music lessons for the music students of all learning levels and Genre of music - vocal music & instrumental music.
  • Convenient online music lessons schedules for almost all the global time zones, multilingual music lessons with options of 1/2 or 3 online music classes / week.
  • Affordable, low cost price vocal and musical instruments learning lessons fees for the top best rated & convenient online music class lessons by GAALC.
  • Save on the valuable travel time, traffic woes and the cost of travelling to the nearest music teacher / music school, learn in relaxed manner at home.
  • Safe & convenient option for kids, children, women & elderly to learn music at home online, the family members or friends & colleagues can learn music together comfortably.
  • Unmatched advantage of the flexible time schedules of online music class lessons for international music school students, best for the busy modern lifestyle
  • Freedom to learn music at one's own pace & convenient time schedules with the flexible music course duration programs, easily adjustable with the busy work schedules.
  • Better consistency & concentration, least missed music classes due to flexible online music classes. Make-up / replacement classes available for the classes missed.
  • Advanced, international standard music training curriculum, an effective and modern distance e-learning program by a truly global music school academy.
  • Learning from the International faculty of musicians including the top qualified, best experienced professional music teachers online from all over the world.
  • Advanced music E-books learning content & music practice (Riyaaz) tools for all of the online music learning levels and for global music students.
  • Well defined curriculum with traditional music + modern music concepts for all levels of learning vocal & instrumental music, curriculum developed by the global music experts.
  • Online music class lessons available for learning the widest range of global vocal and instrumental music genre, conducted by the GAALC music school faculty.
  • Online music lessons for beginners, intermediate & advanced levels, online private music lessons and group music classes for all age groups and music training levels.
  • Freedom to Join the appropriate level of the vocal & instrumental music course classes after an individual level evaluation & the expert opinion by GAALC music school faculty.
  • Get regular music expert opinion feedback from GAALC music teachers faculty on the educational performance with the right guidance & the performance improvement tips.

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