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GAALC Harmonium music training school academy in India conducts internet web based online Harmonium learning lessons on Skype and Google + Hangouts by Indian Harmonium training Instructors online. The affordable, low cost price Harmonium online class lessons for beginners offered by the best online Harmonium guru teachers in India to learn how to play Harmonium Indian Hindustani classical music instrument online are the top rated live, one - on - one, private Harmonium teaching lessons online.The free YouTube Harmonium training videos by Harmonium trainers in India to learn about beginner and advanced Harmonium playing techniques online on Skype and the online search to find Harmonium learning videos on Harmonium tuning techniques are available on 'GAALC MUSIC' YouTube channel.


Learn How to Play Harmonium - Online Harmonium Training Class Lessons

GAALC - Global Academy of Arts, Languages and culture offers distance music education programs to learn playing Indian classical music instruments like Harmonium key based Hindustani classical musical instrument with online Harmonium music learning class lessons facilitated on Skype or Google hangouts.

LEARNING HOW TO PLAY HARMONIUM MUSICAL INSTRUMENT - INDIAN HARMONIUM PLAYING TECHNIQUES AND TUNING HARMONIUM: A standard Indian classical music instrument - Harmonium always has a wooden box known as body, handles to move the instrument, bellows, 39 keys, stops (main and drone), reeds, reed board, coupler and a scale changer. Today, in India Harmonium musical instrument is widely used as an accompaniment instrument in all forms of Indian music be it north Indian Hindustani classical music, Hindustani light classical vocal singing, Indian Hindi devotional, Sufi devotional, Ghazals or in Indian popular film music genre. A good quality Harmonium instrument with full sound range and the standard keyboard has 39 keys (from lower note to higher note) and thus supplies a tonal range of 3 octaves, 4 adjustable Harmonium drones are possible. The double reed Harmonium ensures that every tone is supplied with two reeds (for medium and lower octave) and by blowing the reeds either separately or together, three variations with different settings can be achieved. Air is pumped into an enclosed space by means of bellows built on the back side of a Harmonium. With the inbuilt Harmonium keyboard it is possible to open specially defined holes, through which the pumped air is then pressed in Harmonium to produce sound. The Harmonium reeds attached to the openings (double reed / triple reed / quadruple reed) are set vibrating and so produce the desired musical notes.

Body Posture For Playing Harmonium: the body posture must be comfortable when playing Harmonium, the Harmonium can be placed on the ground if the Harmonium player is comfortable in sitting crossed leg posture on ground, in another sitting posture the Harmonium can also partly rest on Harmonium player's lap and partly on the floor otherwise Harmonium can be placed on a table while sitting on a chair. In some cases, the harmonium is worn around the neck using a strap, the most important thing is individual Harmonium player's comfort and ease at the time of playing Harmonium.

Harmonium playing techniques are easy, the Hand pumped Harmonium widely used in India has a bellows. If the Harmonium player is a right handed person then open the bellows and use the left hand to blow the air. Harmonium must never be blown with air before opening of a stop, it may cause serious damage to the Harmonium instrument. Air must never be left inside while closing the Harmonium bellows. Always press a few keys while closing a bellow so as to remove all the air from the inner bellows otherwise the air left inside would cause leakage in the Harmonium instrument. A right handed person may use the right hand to play the notes on Harmonium. On pressing each Harmonium key different notes can be produced. All white Keys on Harmonium keyboard are the major notes and all of the Black keys on Harmonium keyboard are minor notes and it lays in C, C#, D, D#, E, F, F#, G, G#, A, B flat, B order respectively. Many different Harmonium Key board fingering styles are present but the common Harmonium key fingering style is to play the keys with the first, middle and ring finger also using the thumb.

ONLINE INDIAN HARMONIUM LESSONS / HARMONIUM LEARNING CLASSES BY HARMONIUM GURU: GAALC offers online Harmonium lessons to learn playing Harmonium with Indian Harmonium training instructor Guru online. The Harmonium teachers teaching Harmonium to the global Harmonium learning students train how to play Harmonium - the North Indian Hindustani classical music on Harmonium, including the Indian classical musical ragas or raag (Bhartiya Shastriya Sangit raag) and the musical compositions based on music raag (Shastriya Sangeet Raag). An experienced and qualified Harmonium trainer guru for beginners, intermediate and advanced level Harmonium students trains according to the GAALC Harmonium instrumental music training curriculum for certificate level course.

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